I’ve had a tremendous amount of support during the development of the Keyglove. Many people have contributed time, materials, technical expertise, money, ideas, or moral support, and I honestly couldn’t have done it without them.

Special Mentions

There are a few people who have given to the Keyglove project in such a way that I feel they should be mentioned specifically. This relatively short list is by no means meant to exclude anyone or discount the support that others have given, but instead to show my gratitude for people who have created an ongoing personal connection with the project.

Lynne Bruning

Lynne has been plugging the Keyglove project within her eTextile community and rather large Twitter following ever since she first learned about the project. I’m sure that many of the Kickstarter backers I got were a direct result of her constant cheer-leading and vocal support. Not only that, but she knows a lot about eTextiles, a category which includes the silver nylon sensor fabric I’m using for the Keyglove.

James Neal (or “Laen”)

Laen’s DorkbotPDX PCB fabrication service has been essential for some of the prototyping I’ve done with the Keyglove project. He is very fast, he does excellent work, and he’s always ready to answer any questions I have about PCB design—usually in a ridiculously short period of time.

Bill Humphrey

Bill has been an active participant in the design process, checking on specific feature ideas, suggesting alternatives and additions, and asking some important “what-if” questions about the design. He is also freely contributing a lot of physical glove manufacturing tests, thanks to some resources he has available to him. I haven’t kept track of every unique idea or task he’s helped with, but if I had, it would be a pretty long list by now.

Brian and Linda Rowberg

This list just wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t include my parents. They have been supportive in many ways, and they remain a constant encouragement to me to continue and complete work on the Keyglove. So, thanks to both of you for being the best mom and dad I could ask for!

(Please accept my apologies if you think you should be on this list, but you aren’t. It is possible I overlooked some people.)

Kickstarter Backers

Below is a list of all of the people who backed the Keyglove during its Kickstarter campaign. Not everyone chose to be included in this list, but everyone who did is shown below with their name and linked website (if supplied). The backers are shown in the order that they pledged their support. These people and a few others get the credit for providing the nearly $12.5k of seed money that I am using to push the Keyglove from a prototype to a finished product. Many thanks to all of you!