Yet another new video demonstrating more refined accelerometer cursor control:

Keyglove #03 – Data Visualization from Jeff Rowberg on Vimeo.

This video demonstrates the massively updated Processing sketch that I am now using to test the glove’s sensors. It relies on serial data flow for everything and connects directly to the Arduino’s virtual COM port, making it unsuitable for a finished product (you’d want a true HID-compatible connection). However, with this tool, you can very easily see everything about the glove’s current condition to test things like touch sensitivity and mouse control.

I have temporarily postponed the PS/2 interface tests while I work on the core of the glove functionality. Now that I have a reliable test tool, the PC interface is not necessary for continued development and testing. Obviously, it will be eventually, but I’m not going to focus on that right now. The Processing sketch will do nicely until everything else is working well.

For anyone interested, that visualization program is available from the repository, and of course the Processing IDE is open-source and available here.

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