Keyglove #06 – Prototype C KB/Mouse Demo from Jeff Rowberg on Vimeo.

Some of you have probably already seen this video in the recent Keyglove Kickstarter Update #4, but for those of you who haven’t yet, it’s a demo of the current functional progress of the latest Keyglove prototype. The wire loop sensor approach has worked well, and I think it’s definitely the easiest option so far for anyone building their own Keyglove. I used wire that was slightly thicker than it should have been though—thinner stuff would have simplified the process. It’s still far easier than sewing 25 tiny squares of fabric onto a glove. Yeesh.

Another significant improvement since the last demo is the use of the gyroscope for mouse control instead of the accelerometer. For the type of motion control I was going for (tilt/position), a gyro is unbelievably more appropriate than an accelerometer. I’m still smoothing it out a bit, but you can see for yourself how much better the control is.

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