Keyglove #09 – Wireless Mouse Movement Demo from Jeff Rowberg on Vimeo.

Finally! I have managed to incorporate the Bluegiga WT12 sufficiently into the current prototype hardware, along with the still-in-progress iWRAP code library to control it easily and transparently. This video demonstrates the first true combination of Bluetooth wireless functionality and the actual Keyglove code, rather than just a proof-of-concept Arduino sketch. This is a major milestone; wrapping up the remaining core Bluetooth functionality should be pretty straightforward now.

For a quick summary: the board in the video is the same prototype that I’ve been using for a while, powered by the Teensy++ and SparkFun 6DOF module for motion detection. The WT12 Bluetooth module makes it wireless, and a 3.7v LiPo battery powers it all. The glove itself is not attached for this demo, due to the fact that there would be way too many wires there for me to be able to do the quick and frequent adjustments to the board that I’m doing at this time. The touch sensors are working fine, however, and wireless keyboard input would be working as well here if it were connected.

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  1. Super Super Cool! Really great work.

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