VIDEO: Prototype D Autodesk Inventor COM API Demo

Keyglove #10 – Prototype D Autodesk Inventor COM API Demo from Jeff Rowberg on Vimeo.

This video demonstrates Keyglove Prototype D and the Keyglove Kit v0.4 PCB (v0.5 still pending design completion) along with the alpha Keyglove Manager app integrated with Autodesk Inventor using the COM API for true 3D input. This is just a sample of the kind of thing that can be done with the Keyglove. And, honestly, this isn’t even a very good demo due to the early stage of development of the Manager app and the loose mounting of the older revision of the PCB on the glove.

The sensor connections to the controller board have also been wired into per-finger female headers, which means it’s far easier to swap in a new controller board whenever I update the design. I don’t have to find each individual pin connection and put them in the right order; it’s all conveniently broken out on the PCB, and I can just plug in each header into the six main connectors (thumb, four fingers, and palm). Now I just need to get that new PCB version fabricated so I can mount the board on the glove more easily.

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  1. Jeff, any chance on publishing the Inventor API source code?

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